Get your participants covered abroad
Providing worldwide travel insurance for the exchange and student market.
Our A-rated products offer comprehensive benefits, state-of-the-art online solutions, at affordable rates.

Key Features of our products


• Worldwide coverage (except in the insured's own country of permanent residence)
• Daily premiums rather than monthly premiums
• Trip duration up to 24 months
• No extra charge for travel into the US or Canada. Our product meets US visa regulations under the F1, J1, H2B program.

• Full coverage of emergency treatment, medical evacuation and repatriation up to the policy limit
• Free choice of hospitals and medical doctors worldwide
• Direct settlement of in-patient and out-patient bills

• Qualified recommendations on treatment facilities and methods
• 24/7 in-house Emergency Service including own doctors on call and language line
• 2nd opinion by specialist in-house physician

• Quick and simple online enrollment and invoicing
• No cancellation fees and waiting periods
• Individual Log-In Area for your program participants and for your organization
• Online search for doctor

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